Monday, October 16, 2006

Jean Jacques Picart Quotes: Asians in the Modeling World

I was talking yesterday to Jean Jacques Picart, respected, revered and feared impresario of the French fashion community. His PR firm handled designers like Mugler, Christian Lacroix, Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, Kenzo, Hermes and propelled them to stardom. His clients included Shiseido and Levi's. His firm JJP currently handles young designers and 'giants' like LVMH.

We were talking about how an Asian model could get the support of the global fashion industry. I was asking his advice on a television program I am working on.

I was able to break the mold because my 'look' was non-specific. I have Asian features but I did not look Asian. To quote Monsieur Picart on my success,
"You kept your 'Asian mind and your Asian culture'. You kept the Asian in you."
"You did not imitate -- You adapted."
"If an Asian model tries to copy a Western model, it does not work."
"The formula for success for an
Asian model is Asian Specificity."

"A good model will always be one with a great
personality. That has not changed."

"For an Asian model to succeed, she must keep her difference!"

" The future of seduction and attraction will be because of 'the difference'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Post: The Craft of Modeling

Hello Anna,

When I visualize you walking down the runway, your own particular way of walking really does stand out. Indeed, that is the reason you're considered the "best walker in the business." And of course, much has been said and written about that.

But to focus on just your brand of walking would be missing the big picture, and doesn't provide opportunity to fully appreciate your contribution to fashion. It has to do with your mastery of the craft of modeling.

Designers loved collaborating with you because you gave life to their creation. And this is an important relationship (and why you got to work with so many of them, I suspect). A painting can generate its own light and beauty. But clothes need a model who will make full use of herself as instrument to give the garment its anima (its soul!). And yes, the breathless gasps, the thunderous applause and the shivers from all who watched are testament that you, as instrument, performed beautifully and masterfully.

So… HOW do you do it? I realize the response could very well be content for a book or a master class in modeling perhaps, but throw us a bone anyway! :) I'd very much LOVE to hear you share your wisdom on this.

Toti Manasan

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missing you immensely. You are an icon of the fashion industry. I long to once again view your elegance and grace bringing the clothing to life on Style with Elsa Klensch. There have been others since your exodus but, not nearly a replacement. You have made your incredible mark but, will you ever come back?! I watched you work for the very best Montana, Mugler, YSL, Versace... along side Pat Cleveland and Dolma but, you have always shined. Ms. Bayle you gave us thorough joy with your strong presence, style and swankiness. I could only behold the return of Anna Bayle. Simply put you are a model at its very best, exquisite in every sense of the word, a true anomaly.
Miami, Fla

9:10 AM  

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