Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's TIME....

email from Bessie Badilla

Congratulations Anna B, love your website. I just want to
add that you have reigned and stayed on top in a business where longevity is
rare, very rare. The reason is not only have the perfect bone
structure, the height, the figure, the HAIR, the signature WALK that everyone
copies but you also have the right attitude and the most important thing in any
industry...the BRAINS! You changed every model's stigma of having nothing
between their ears but a pretty face.

I'm so honored to have worked the
catwalks of Manila with you. And I'm so happy (with no regrets) that you stopped
me in the middle of University of the Philippines' College of Arts and Science
building to ask me to model for the prestigious Hyatt Bighani Models. That
moment changed my life and I'm forever grateful to you for that. Technically
Anna, YOU discovered me!

I'm so with you, it is indeed TIME for more
Asian models to emerge in the global fashion scene


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